Since 2011, we have specialized in advanced thermal packaging and container solutions, catering to global pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. Leveraging award-winning innovations, our containers incorporate state-of-the-art phase change materials (PCMs) and vacuum insulation panels (VIPs). Our cost-effective solutions guarantees superior temperature for critical healthcare logistics.



provided annualy to the healthcare sector

-25°C to 40°C


controlled shippers on the market

Up to 120h


control duration validated by ISTA 7D standards

Our Clients & Partners


Achieving accurate results in laboratory tests is pivotal for advancing scientific research. Yet, the integrity of the samples, which could lead to breakthrough findings, is paramount. RuhrTech’s thermal packaging solutions, designed for the secure shipment of delicate lab specimens and critical samples, are tailored to mitigate any associated risks.

Life Science

Increasingly, life science research requires temperature-sensitive materials, demanding a continuous, temperature-regulated supply chain. Such temperatures must be consistently observed and authenticated for all specified ranges. RuhrTech delivers with an expansive product line, spanning from compact thermal boxes to extensive insulated containers.


The “final stretch” before the product reaches its recipient involves brief transit durations with frequent movements. RuhrTech provides an array of thermal packaging solutions engineered to maintain their efficiency, even in unforeseen circumstances. Our offerings are up to standard, underscoring our motto: RuhrTech – We tackle temperature hurdles.


With a diverse range of temperature-regulated packaging solutions and dedicated in-house manufacturing, RuhrTech meets the intricate needs of the pharmaceutical sector. Our adept engineering team oversees sophisticated innovations and aids in seamlessly integrating them into pharmacy operations.

Robust reusable packaging. Our cold chain boxes can last up to 4 years

Multiple temperature duration options. To meet your needs for middle to long distance delivery, we provide boxes with 24 to 96 hours temperature duration   

Multiple sizes available. From 4L to 160L

Upgraded shipper payload. Up to 67%

Super long temperature duration. From 72h-168h validated by ISTA 7D standards

Cost-efficient design. Size specially designed to fit efficiently onto ULD of aircraft

Ready-to-go solution. More efficient operation process to streamline shipper preconditioning and minimizing possibilities of manual errors

Lightweight design. 30% lesser weight yet roto-molded boxes

Stable Temperature Control, Minimal Heat Loss. The temperature range remains stable and is resistant to heat loss.

Customizable Solutions

Any temperature, any size.

Our advanced R&D facility and expansive 100,000 sqm factory demonstrate our substantial capacity to create and produce cold chain boxes that align precisely with your requirements. Regardless of the intricacies of your unique situation, we are dedicated to identifying the ideal solution to address your needs.