Overseas Delivery

Upgraded shipper payload. Up to 67%

Super long temperature duration. From 72h-168h validated by ISTA 7D standards

Cost-efficient design. Size specially designed to fit efficiently onto ULD of aircraft

Ruhr OneBulk pallet shipper is specially designed for one-time, bulk air and sea cargo cold chain transportation. Its compact and lightweight design, combined with a high load capacity and low volume weight, makes it the go-to solution for large-scale transportation while significantly cutting logistics costs. Additionally, its hassle-free installation process will save you valuable time and effort.


  • Maximize space utilization up to 66%
  • Can achieve the most economical packaging and logistics solution for a single drug parcel or a single dose of vaccine on aircraft ULD (Unit Load Device)
  • Multiple product models to fit half-pallet, US-sized pallet, Euro-sized pallet, or direct loading of bulk goods
  • All shippers tested to WHO and ISTA7D standards and have been widely used and approved by vaccine and biopharmaceutical companies in commercial applications

Ruhr ReBulk pallet shipper boasts a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-install design. Keeping sustainability and cost-effectiveness in mind, ReBulk features an extra durable structure, excellent load capacity, low volume weight along with simplified operation, making it the perfect reusable solution for large-scale cold chain transportation.

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